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Joshua Lawless talks about his experience racing professionally in Brittany

By Joshua Lawless

For those of you that don’t know, I am racing professionally in Brittany in a small regional team (U.C.L.H.) courtesy of the John Ibbotson Fund that support and set this up on my behalf. We are just over the mid-point of the season and Steve said it would be a good idea for me to update everyone on what life is like over here and how my cycling is going.

Josh Lawless, cycling, france

The level of ability over here in France as compared to the racing scene back at home is on a different scale, over here I am just a decent Second category rider, whilst in Britain I’m a first/elite category rider. The races are so much more difficult as your average National B ranked event like the South-East Regional Champs are slightly less difficult or the same in difficulty as a 2/3 category race in France. Whilst in Britain you only have one step up in quality after that to National A ranked races, here in Brittany there are still another 2 higher ranked races after the 2/3 ones.

Cycling is definitely one of the major sports here, with closed roads, literally thousands at some of the bigger races and as many bike shops as there are football pitches; it’s truly amazing and I am a very lucky boy. Some of the fields have had over 200 competitors in them and going up some iconic hills like Plumelec really is spine-tingling as the crowd separates before you, the horns blast, the bells ring, the fags, the beer, the wine, banners across the roads, graffiti on the roads and lots of flags… The sensations manage to manifest themselves into getting every last ounce of suffering out of your body. Continue reading

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Josh Lawless signs for French cycling team Union Cycliste Hennebont Lochrist

By Steven M. Jones

Josh Lawless has recently announced through his personal blog, Joshua Lawless Cycling that he has signed for a French cycling team in Hennebont.


We last spoke to Josh back in May, at which point he had moved from Swansea back to his hometown in London, attained sponsorship from Aprire Bicycles and was working towards attaining a 1st Category Road Cycling Licence.

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Representing Aprire Bicycles Josh Lawless reaches the half way mark to a 1st Cat Race Licence at Gravesend’s Cyclopark Crit Race

By Steven M Jones
Former Triathlon Captain (10-11) Josh Lawless demonstrated his passion and self-belief to gaining a 1st cat licence back in September 2011 when he opted to put an offer from Swansea University to study a Law Conversion Course on hold.

Lawless at SERRL- Picture owned by Dave Hayward, taken fromhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/britishcyclingphotos/6978868180/lightbox/

Lawless at SERRL- Picture owned by Dave Hayward, taken from Flickr

Since September Josh has returned home to Bexley, London to focus on competing and establishing a reputation; having joined VC Elan Cycle Club, successfully attaining a position on the Aprire Bicycles Team, and taking 3 wins so far.

His first success came at a Surrey League race on the 17th of March, followed by a win at the eighth round of the South East Road Race League (SERRL) on the 29th of April.

Josh attained his third win of the season at a Thursday night Crit Race at Gravesend’s new Cyclopark, discussing his performance he stated that:

“After a good few recent performances there and in other races I thought that tonight I could have a chance.”

“People went from the gun and after 3 laps of the 2mile circuit a split in the peloton gradually occurred. At the end of lap 4 I put in another dig to split the field further and instead my breakaway mates let me go. “

“I soloed for the next hour and ten minutes by myself gradually extending my lead to well over a minute with quite a bit of ease. What a way to get to halfway towards 1st cat.”

With his success at Gravesend Lawless has now accumulated 100 points this season, positioning him at the halfway mark for a 1st Category race licence.

Aprire Logo

Aprire Logo

Talking on his likelihood of gaining a 1st Cat licence, Josh said:

“My chances to get to first cat are pretty good after joining Aprire Bicycles with their great set-up and how I’ve accumulated 100 points in the space of 6 weeks.”

“Anything can happen in cycling and so I might not be 1st cat by the end of July, but I hope to have reached it at some point in the summer at the latest.”

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