360 Marina 5km 2014

We are launching registration for the 360 Marina 5km road race tomorrow morning. Head over to the registration page to secure a limited space today!

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Ross Macdonald tackles Ironman Zurich

Our very own Ross Macdonald has completed his first Ironman triathlon, having competed in the Zurich Ironman on the 28th of July.

Representing the TriTrainingHarder race team Ross managed the impressive time of 09:55:16 and positioned 9th in the 25-29 age category and 59th overall out of a 2,493 competitors.

ross macdonal, ironman zurich, ironman, swansea, swansea trotters

Ross posted on his blog saying: “I was quietly confident of breaking ten hours. I knew it was a big challenge but deep down I wanted to break 9 hours and 30 minutes. It was all going to depend on my run split. I am capable of running a 2 hour 40 minute marathon and was hoping for a 3.10 marathon split in the Ironman in order to put me close to 9.30.”

In the end Ross managed a 01:01:49 swim over 2.4-miles, a 05:07:45 bike over 112-miles and a 03:40:56 run over 26.2-mile.

Ross sumarised the experience on his blog: ” Icrossed the line with no idea of my finish time. I guessed at 10 hours 30 minutes. Gemma and Dave ran up and told me I had broken ten hours and out of nowhere I had tears streaming down my face (for a good ten seconds!). I was so relieved, exhausted, emotional drained and happy- too many emotions to put on the shoulders of an Ironman :)

For more information and to read a break down of his race, head over to Ross’ blog Primetriathlete.

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Joshua Lawless talks about his experience racing professionally in Brittany

By Joshua Lawless

For those of you that don’t know, I am racing professionally in Brittany in a small regional team (U.C.L.H.) courtesy of the John Ibbotson Fund that support and set this up on my behalf. We are just over the mid-point of the season and Steve said it would be a good idea for me to update everyone on what life is like over here and how my cycling is going.

Josh Lawless, cycling, france

The level of ability over here in France as compared to the racing scene back at home is on a different scale, over here I am just a decent Second category rider, whilst in Britain I’m a first/elite category rider. The races are so much more difficult as your average National B ranked event like the South-East Regional Champs are slightly less difficult or the same in difficulty as a 2/3 category race in France. Whilst in Britain you only have one step up in quality after that to National A ranked races, here in Brittany there are still another 2 higher ranked races after the 2/3 ones.

Cycling is definitely one of the major sports here, with closed roads, literally thousands at some of the bigger races and as many bike shops as there are football pitches; it’s truly amazing and I am a very lucky boy. Some of the fields have had over 200 competitors in them and going up some iconic hills like Plumelec really is spine-tingling as the crowd separates before you, the horns blast, the bells ring, the fags, the beer, the wine, banners across the roads, graffiti on the roads and lots of flags… The sensations manage to manifest themselves into getting every last ounce of suffering out of your body. Continue reading

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Swansea University Chunder Mile 2013

By Richard Mann
Steve Jones, the founder of the Swansea Trotters, secured 1st place at Swansea University’s Annual Chunder Mile 2013, with a time of 6:17, narrowly missing out on the club record for the event.

On a glorious summer day, a field of 25 strong “athletes” took to the Chunder Mile. With many of the big names missing from this years mile, the event was wide open for the taking. First off the line was Stephen Richards, however this slim advantage was quickly overhauled by the eventual winner and Swansea Trotters President, Steve Jones, dominating the race from start to finish.

Steve recorded an impressive time of 6:17, 11 seconds shy of the club record held by the former Track & Field Captain 2011-2012, Lewis Banner.

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360 Marina 5k Race results and pictures

By Steven M. Jones

Results from Saturday’s 360 Marina 5k are now live. Follow the link for the 360 Marina 5k Results

360 marina 5k, swansea, swansea trotters, swansea bay,

Event images available through our Flickr account courtesy of Tom Brain and via Thisissouthwales courtesy of the Evening Post.

Thanks to everyone who took part and to all those who helped organise, run and promote the event.

Updates Facebook & Twitter

Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to receive updates and news from the 360 Marina 5k.

Please also search and use the #360marina5k on Twitter!

Results, photos and video coverage will be live on our site very soon!

360 Marina 5k Support

By Steven M. Jones
With the 360 Marina 5k taking place this Saturday (16th March) at 11.00am, we would like to take a moment to thank those who have helped us spread the word and publicise the race.

Thanks to The South Wales Evening PostSwansea Bay Futures Swansea University, The Waterfront Swansea and 360 Beach & Watersports.

South Wales Evening Post, 360 marina 5k

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360 Marina 5k Road Race Launched on Swansea Bay’s Prom

By Steven M. Jones
We’re proud to announce the launch of the 360 Marina 5k, an event organised by Swansea Trotters Alumni Organisation with 360 Beach and Watersports centre as the host; it will be taking place on Saturday, March 16th at 11.00 o clock.

360 Marina 5k, swansea bay

The event has received the support of both Swansea Council and Swansea University and hopes to become a credible and annual contributor to the growing event calendar at Swansea Bay.

This is an extremely flat and quick course open to runners of all abilities, perfect for uncompetitive runners looking for some exercise or a challenge, or the experienced runner seeking a P.B. at the start of the road racing season.

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Register now for the 360 Marina 5k

We’re proud to announce the launch of the 360 Marina 5k road race, an event organised by Swansea Trotters Alumni Club in collaboration with Swansea University and hosts 360 Beach and Watersports.

For further details and to register visit our 360 Marina 5k registration page.

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Swansea Trotters compete in Hyde Park 5k

On Friday (28th December) we took a team to compete in a Hyde Park 5k, a race which is annually hosted by Serpentine Running Club.

swansea trotters, hyde park 5k

Richard Mann, the current Club Captain of the Running Club, suggested and organised taking part in the race having traditionally competed in the event with his home team Hillingdon Athletic Club.

The first three of our members to cross the line were, Richard Mann, positioned 13th with a time of 16.59, Ben Granville, 21st in 17.47 and Tim Butt, 24th in 18.24.

The race is part of the long running Last Friday of the month open series hosted by Serpentine Running Club, which has been sponsored by Brooks since 2009.

For full results please follow this link to the Serpentine Running Club results database.

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