Graduation Year 2013

By Richard Mann

Richard Mann


Cross Country Captain 2011 – 2012

Athletics & Cross Country Club President 2012 – 2013
Richard Mann








Ben Granville


Athletics & Cross Country Training Captain 2012 – 2013

Ben Granville

Joining the Athletics & Cross Country team during his second year, Ben quickly became popular figure within the club. Ben took on the responsibility of organising training and our weekly circuit’s sessions during his 3rd year, giving training a new lease of life. He also displayed a hard work ethic during training which resulted in a vast improvement in his 5k pb from 19:30 to a very respectable 17:28, although having a minor accident following his new pb.




Thea Ricketts


Athletics & Cross Country Social Secretary 2012 – 2013

Thea R

Thea was a key female figure within the athletics & XC club and will be best remembered for her many confessions during a game of “I have never…”

Rarely without an alcoholic drink in hand, Thea’s fun spirited and outgoing personality made her ideally suited for the role of social secretary, bring many new ideas to Wednesday night socials and improving on the many existing traditions of the club.




William Trimble


Track & Field Captain 2012 – 2013

William TWilliam’s dedication and commitment to the sport and training is unquestionable, whereas his collection of boldly coloured tights possibly is. Will became the track and field captain during his 3rd year of University, however preferred to use the self-appointed title of “The Great and Humble Leader”.  His greatest achievement during his time in the club was reaching the Javelin final of BUCS Outdoors in 2012 which was held in the Olympic Stadium. His talent doesn’t merely end with athletics, as I would recommend his culinary skills to anyone.


Ashleigh Harper


Cross Country Captain 2012 – 2013

Ash H

Ashleigh was an instrumental part of the cross country team throughout his time at university achieving a handful of top 20 finishes at the Gwent League, 1st place in the 2nd Annual Swansea Trotters 5k race and claiming the overall series prize in the West Glamorgan League in 2013. As Cross Country Captain, he also experienced much success, as he guided the men’s team to promotion to the 1st division in the Gwent League, 1st place in the West Glamorgan League, a feat which hasn’t been achieved since 2006/07 season and gold for the Men’s team at the Welsh University Cross Country Championship.


Aaron Webb


Athletics & Cross Country Social Secretary 2011 – 2012

Aaron W

Nicknamed “Dark Horse” during his fresher’s year in the club, Webby will be most remembered for his antics on a night out and his post-race rehydration strategies ready for any after party/night out that may follow. His effective organisational skills and creativity resulted in a successful tenure as Social Secretary during his 2nd year of university.




Kate Waite


Athletics & Cross Country Women’s Captain 2011 – 2012

Kate W

Being voted best fresher in her first year of the club, Kate will be remembered for her bubbly personality, friendly nature and “infectious” laugh. As women’s captain, Kate helped aid the growth of women participating and training in athletics at the university. She also performed many tasks behind the scenes enabling the day to day running of the club and was always willing to volunteer to help the smooth running of club events such as the Chunder Mile and Marina 360 5k.



Ben Davies


Vice Captain 2010 – 2011

Triathlon Club President 2011 – 2013

Ben D

The fact Ben was Club President of the Triathlon club for two years shows his passion and commitment for triathlon, especially during the rebuilding of the club after a couple of difficult years for triathlon at the university. A regular scorer for Swansea in the BUCS Triathlon and Duathlon Championships, Ben could always be relied on for a solid performance. He was also an active member within the cross country team aiding the team to two promotions in two years in the Gwent League.




Tom Frake


Triathlon Treasurer 2012 – 2013

Tom Frake

Although Tom struggled with a persistent knee problem throughout his time in the club, he was regarded as one of the key members of triathlon. Taking on the official role of treasurer within the triathlon team during his 3rd year of university, Frakey was actively involved with the day to day training sessions of the club and without his enthusiasm and passion; the triathlon club wouldn’t have been as successful during 2012 – 2013.




Swaran Singh


Triathlon Social Secretary 2012 – 2013

Swaran S

A regular face around training, Swaran was always willing to compete for the university, displaying a hard work ethic in all forms of training and competition. As social secretary of triathlon, he lead by example, encouraging all members to get involved with the social events the club had to offer. His commitment for both the athletics and triathlon club was best highlighted in an 8 hour journey on a megabus to come support the team competing at BUCS XC in Leeds. He currently holds the position of Education Officer at Swansea University.



Sam Eley


Triathlon Treasurer 2011 – 2012

Triathlon Novice Captain 2012 – 2013

Sam E

Sam will be most remembered for his impressive yet unwise performance round BUCS XC at Cardiff in 2012, running the 5 mile cross country barefoot, alongside Steve Jones, leading to a trip to the St. John’s ambulance and an interesting night out at the after party. During his final year, he was unable to attend training as much due to work commitments; however he would always make his presence known at the big events such as the Sport Swansea Meal.




Dewi Griffiths

Dewi G

GB international, Dewi Griffiths, experienced much success during his 3 years at Swansea University including 2 silver medals at BUCS Outdoors 10000m 2011 and 2012, undefeated in 3 years of the Welsh University Cross Country Champs and numerous BUCS points from both the track and cross country. Despite being a serious athlete, Dewi always found the time to enjoy himself at university with a cider or two down Wind Street on a Wednesday night.


Alenca Harrington

Alenca H

Never taking her running too seriously, Alenca could always afford to give a smile when out on a run or during a race. Her generous personality saw her compete and raise money for SOS Africa during her 2nd and 3rd year of university in the Cardiff Half Marathon. Alongside this, she frequently competed for the university in the West Glamorgan cross country league and was a regular for a night out on Wednesday nights.




Sam Knowles

Sam Knowles

Sam was a member of the athletics & cross country team for all three years of university and was always willing to help the team when needed, most notably during the fresher’s fayre and the filming of the Chunder Mile 2013. During his time at Swansea he competed twice in the Cardiff Half Marathon and was a regular member of the cross country team.




Alex Cole

Alex C

Alex was another member of the team who was part of the athletics & cross country club throughout his three years of university and consistently made the effort to compete in as many cross country fixtures as possible. Coley would always volunteer to help the club, whether that was driving people to events or writing articles about recent performances for the Waterfront.




Emma Vuagniaux

Emma V

A regular member of the athletics and triathlon team throughout her three years of university, Emma was very dedicated despite not being competitive. Passionate about fitness, her hard work ethic was observed during training, rarely missing a session, and throughout her three years studying at the university.





Rachel Edworthy

Rach E

An integral part of the cross country team, Rachel’s performances helped the women’s team gain promotion to the 2nd division in the Gwent League during her second year. A regular member around training and socials, her kind hearted and chatty personality made her a memorable female figure in the club.





Sian Edwards

Sian E

Coming to Swansea to pursue a Masters in Psychology, Sian quickly became a well-known member of the club for her upbeat attitude, easy going nature and her drinking ability during the Drink Decathlon. Whilst at the university, Sian showed her class as an athlete, and despite being injured in the build-up to BUCS Cross Country, still managed a top 20 finish. Also during her debut season in Duathlon and Triathlon, she finished 5th and 11th at each of the BUCS Championships respectively.



Meg Brickell

Meg Bric

Unfortunately during Meg’s time at Swansea University she was plagued by injuries, which was a bitter disappointment for such a talented athlete who was only able to compete for the university a handful of times. Despite this, her kind hearted nature led her to actively volunteering to help the club whenever she could, which was observed primarily at the Marina 360 5k this year and the 1st Swansea Trotters 5k in 2012.




Francesca Hayward

Fran H

Coming from a swimming background, Fran found new talents in the sport of triathlon. She recorded many noteworthy achievements in her time at university including being the first female winner of the Swansea Trotters 5k in 2012 and was a regular scorer for the university in BUCS Duathlon and Triathlon.


Swansea University Athletics & Cross Country Team 2012 – 2013

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