Graduation Year 2012

By Steven M Jones

Tom Bowerman
Track and Field Captain 2010-2011
Athletics and Cross Country Club Captain 2011-2012

Few love their chosen sport more than Tom, taking to  grueling training sessions and a self belief/criticism that would challenge any professional athletes demeanor. Tom contributed a great deal to the athletic and cross country club, whether socially or competitively, a commitment that is well represented through his undertaking of two captaincies throughout his three years.






Lewis Banner
Track and Field Captain between 2010-201

A highly active member and strong competitor throughout his three years with the club.  Banner’s character will be best remembered for his efforts during his final year serving as the Track and Field

Captain. Notably for his commitment to organising the team for BUCS Outdoors at the Olympic Stadium; Taking the largest and most successful (15th out of 117 universities) Track and Field team in Swansea History to date.





James Greene
Triathlon Social Secretary (2011-2012)

A hugely popular figure with all members James was a must for any competitive weekend away or Wednesday social. Despite managing to pull strong performances out of the bag James will best be remembered for his antics the night before/after the race. Greene also held a strong mentality for forward movement, an act best displayed through his up-tacking of the Triathlon Social Secretary role (2011-2012) during the team’s rebuilding year after a difficult period the year prior.





Jimmy Wilson


Athletics and Cross Country Social Secretary (2009-2010)

Wilson was an intricate member during the ‘Petts era’, contributing heavily to the clubs progression and in particular the improvement to the clubs social side. Having taken a year in industry during 2010-2011 Jimmy returned for his final year  in September assuming the role of a valuable senior member.





Mike Nevill

Mike’s contribution comes through his efforts within the Track & Field team, aside from holding a number of the clubs records (Outdoor 100m & 200m, and Indoor 60m & 200m) Mike lived and breathed Athletics and was the glue that held the athletics team together; especially during the lower points of the teams membership.







Daniel Thomas

Coming to the club half way through his time at Swansea, Dan quickly became a well known and highly social member despite upholding a training schedule with Swansea Harriers. A respectable runner Dan Regularly provided strong performances and points for the Cross Country Team.







Laura Keeley:

A well known member of the Track & Field team throughout her three years with the club. Laura served as a central pillar at the athletics BUCS events, currently holding the club record for both the indoor and outdoor triple jump events; as well as having a few tricks up her sleeve when it came to riding bikes.







Ellie Morgan


Sadly Ellie only joined in her last year of University, yet within her one year as a member Ellie became one of the more recognisable and upbeat figures in the club, and a hard worker at the cross country fixtures.








Evan Bird

Joining Swansea through a one year exchange from America Evan was quickly welcomed as part of the team.  An upbeat and easy going character, Evan became a reliable and respectable member of the Cross Country Team.








Tommy Gd

Similar to Evan, Tommy’s presence was restricted two a year due to his exchange from France. Gd’ quickly established himself as one  of the more stronger runners within the team, and through himself at all the opertunites and events that where on offer within the fold of the club; both on a competitive and social level.







In addition Andrew Croucher, Wayne Taylor, and Steven Jones all returned to Swansea to complete masters, retaining there positions within the club for one more year.

Athletics and Cross Country Team Photo 2011-2012



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