Graduation Year 2011

Gareth Petts

Gareth Petts-Athletics and Cross Country Club Captain 2008-2011

The simple fact that Gareth held the role of club captain for three years showcases his passion and influence within the development of the athletics club, which saw the athletics club grow in size and strength each year.


Andrew Croucher-Cross Country Captain 2010-2011

Commonly regarded as the Athletics club’s most committed member, having lead countless training sessions and formulated a strong cross country team during his captaincy. Croucher’s legacy is sustained through the annual Andrew Croucher Award for Most Committed Member.



Adam AtkinsonAdam Atkinson

Atkinson stood as a leading member of the Triathlon and Athletics and Cross Country Club as an ever present and passionate member of both teams.  Through the close friendship of Atkinson with Petts, Macdonald, Butt, and Rodgers,  both clubs had a shoulder to lean on and a path to develop and expand.



Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless-Triathlon Club Captain 2010-2011




Caroline Park- Athletics

Caroline Park






Holly Lawrence

Holly Lawrence– Triathlon






Hayley Pointer- Cross Country Captain 2009-2010


Manda Smith– Club Secretary 2008-2009

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