Graduation Year 2010

Triathlon & Athletics/XC team's 2010

Triathlon & Athletics/XC team's 2010

Ross Macdonald

Ross Macdonald- Triathlon Club Captain 2009-2010

A sure bet for BUCS and league points Ross stands as one of the strongest athletes to represent Swansea Triathlon and Athletic and Cross Country. Macdonald currently resides in Swansea, and recently came on top at the recent Cardiff & London Survival of the Fittest (2011).



Hywel PorterHywel Porter- Athletics & XC

A prominent member of the athletics team, Hywel seldom missed a training session. Progressing as a cornerstone of the Athletics and Cross Country Team each year.




Tim ButtTimothy Butt- Triathlon Vice Captain 2009-2010

An all round athlete, Tim has taken part in countless competitive events for the University, whether it be representing the Athletics and Cross Country Club, Triathlon Club, or Cycling Club. Through his four years at Swansea Tim showcased sportsmanship and a strong passion for sport with an ever present smile. Not to mention leading a hand in coaching and supporting novice Triathletes through and after his captaincy.


Craig HopkinsCraig Hopkins – Track and Field Captain 2009 – 2010

Craig studied at Swansea for 3 years and in that time accummulated a huge amount of BUCS points in X – Country, Indoor Champs and Outdoor Champs. He has since gone to study for his M.S.c in Portland, USA.




James Rodgers

James Rodgers– Triathlon Vice Captain 2009-2010

Rodgers is a versatile athlete and a substantial member of the Triathlon club & Althetics and Cross Country Club, with very few competitive events going ahead without his presence and value as a point scorer during his three years at Swansea. James is a member of Clevedon AC running club, currently training for 10ks aiming for a time of 31 mins. 10k Pb 32.40, half marathon 71.20. He also hopes to race in some elite senior triathlon events this year, and to improve on his 5th place in the national aquathlon champs last year.


Mike ParsonsMike Parsons- Athletics & XC/ Triathlon





Alison Tay

Alison Tay- Athletics & XC




Elysia RidleyElysia Ridley- Athletics & XC & Triathlon





Sean McDonnell

Matthew Vowles- Athletics & XC

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