Graduation Year 2008

Stephen RichardsStephen Richards- Athletics Secretary 2006-2007 & Cross Country Captain 2008

 One of the most welcoming and upbeat members to grace the Athletics and Cross Country Team, Richards has contributed his fair share to the sustainability and development of the club, notably organising and hosting the BUSA xcountry in 2008 (along with Wayne Taylor & Peter Watkeys). Steve continues to live in Swansea, now representing Swansea Harriers, yet still a recognisable face to current members.


 Chris FreindChris Friend- Athletics and Cross Country Club Captain 2006-2007

Friend competed within 1500’s, 3ks, and cross countries. Chris has found sporting success outside the realm of the athletics and cross country within rowing; he is currently rowing for Leander one of the most successful rowing clubs in the world.

Below is Friend’s personal profile on Leander’s website:

Peter WatkeysPeter Watkeys-
 Athletics and Cross Country Club Captain & Track & Field Captain 2006-2007

Pete was a member of the running club for 7 years while he studied for his PHD, graduating in 2008. Helping to organise BUSA xcountry in 2008 when Swansea hosted it. Pete was an 800 runner but did do a few xcountries as well.



Hannah Posner– Athletics & XC

Jonathan Cook- Athletics & XC

Emily Gibson-Athletics & XC

Kathryn Thomas-Athletics & XC

Pete Greenwood-Athletics & XC

Anthony Oliver-Athletics & XC

Becky Thompson-Athletics & XC

Jack Jones-Athletics & XC

Ryan Evan-Athletics & XC

Euan Adams-Athletics & XC

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