Ross Macdonald tackles Ironman Zurich

Our very own Ross Macdonald has completed his first Ironman triathlon, having competed in the Zurich Ironman on the 28th of July.

Representing the TriTrainingHarder race team Ross managed the impressive time of 09:55:16 and positioned 9th in the 25-29 age category and 59th overall out of a 2,493 competitors.

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Ross posted on his blog saying: “I was quietly confident of breaking ten hours. I knew it was a big challenge but deep down I wanted to break 9 hours and 30 minutes. It was all going to depend on my run split. I am capable of running a 2 hour 40 minute marathon and was hoping for a 3.10 marathon split in the Ironman in order to put me close to 9.30.”

In the end Ross managed a 01:01:49 swim over 2.4-miles, a 05:07:45 bike over 112-miles and a 03:40:56 run over 26.2-mile.

Ross sumarised the experience on his blog: ” Icrossed the line with no idea of my finish time. I guessed at 10 hours 30 minutes. Gemma and Dave ran up and told me I had broken ten hours and out of nowhere I had tears streaming down my face (for a good ten seconds!). I was so relieved, exhausted, emotional drained and happy- too many emotions to put on the shoulders of an Ironman :)

For more information and to read a break down of his race, head over to Ross’ blog Primetriathlete.

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