Swansea Trotters compete in Hyde Park 5k

On Friday (28th December) we took a team to compete in a Hyde Park 5k, a race which is annually hosted by Serpentine Running Club.

swansea trotters, hyde park 5k

Richard Mann, the current Club Captain of the Running Club, suggested and organised taking part in the race having traditionally competed in the event with his home team Hillingdon Athletic Club.

The first three of our members to cross the line were, Richard Mann, positioned 13th with a time of 16.59, Ben Granville, 21st in 17.47 and Tim Butt, 24th in 18.24.

The race is part of the long running Last Friday of the month open series hosted by Serpentine Running Club, which has been sponsored by Brooks since 2009.

For full results please follow this link to the Serpentine Running Club results database.

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