Josh Lawless signs for French cycling team Union Cycliste Hennebont Lochrist

By Steven M. Jones

Josh Lawless has recently announced through his personal blog, Joshua Lawless Cycling that he has signed for a French cycling team in Hennebont.


We last spoke to Josh back in May, at which point he had moved from Swansea back to his hometown in London, attained sponsorship from Aprire Bicycles and was working towards attaining a 1st Category Road Cycling Licence.

Now at the of the end of the cycling season Josh has attained his 1st Cat Licence with a total of five 1st place wins and a number of high ranking finishes, leading to a total of 446 race points for the season.

Off the back of his impressive season Josh will now move to Hennebont, France, between January and February to join local cycling team Union Cycliste Hennebont Lochrist (U.C.L.H.), with aims of attaining an Elite Licence.

For further details on Josh’s rise to a 1st category race cyclist and his plans for racing in France visit his blog Joshua Lawless Cycling.

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