Trotters Team to Race at Edinburgh’s Braid Hills Cross Country

Hi all,

As a few of you already know we have decided to take a Trotters team to Edinburgh for the Hare and Hounds hosted Braid Hills Cross Country. It is being held on the 17th of November, and even though it seems early to be organising our plans we will have to sort out transport, accommodation and Trotters vests by the date.

Braid Hill Cross Country Race Promo

Obviously most of us know what the weekend is about, a good course, good company, and plenty of drink.

Race Distance- Women’s: one lap (approximately 3 miles), Men’s: 2 laps (6 miles)

There is no intention to clamp on to the current Swansea team, we will be doing our own thing, and intended for a touring weekend with changing locations to become at least a once a year fixture in the Trotters calendar..

But for now, we just wanted to get an idea of interest, who wants to put their name down?
Further details on the race available here:

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