Lewis Banner Takes the Win at Chunder Mile Setting a New Club Record

By Steven M Jones

Attaining a time of 6.06, Lewis Banner the current Track & Field Captain secured 1st place at the annual Chunder Mile on Monday (4th of June), while setting a new club record in the process.

Chunder Mile- Banner takes the lead from the get go

Chunder Mile- Banner takes the lead from the get go

With over 30 competitors and a sizable crowd this year’s Chunder Mile was the largest to date at Swansea University, an achievement measured heavily by the organisational efforts of Club Captain Tom Bowerman.

Having set a club record of 6.08 last year former Club Captain Gareth Petts had been favored to retain his title, yet through Banners efforts Petts crossed the line in second place in a time of 6.14, followed by former Triathlon Club Captain Ross Macdonal in 3rd (6.30).

Please read below for individual competitor results:


1st Lewis Banner 6.06

2nd Gareth Petts 6.14

3rd Ross Macdonald 6.30

4th Steven Jones 7.15

5th Tom Bowerman 7.26

6th Ben Davies 7.51

7th Sam Eley 8.08

8th Emily Relton 8.37

9th Ellie Morgan 8.38

10th James Greene 9.13

Ben Granville 11.14

Ashley Harper 11.15

Ben Legrice 11.17

Matthew Bills 11.20

Dewi Griffiths 11.35

Andrew Croucher 11.54

Alenca Harrington 12.06

Wayne Tayolr 13.03

Richard Mann 16.14

Results for the additional competitors where not recorded

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